Do you know that almost 80% of your immune system is in your gut?

Enhance your immune function and gut flora with Probium® probiotics, Safety C, and Immune Support.
Probium® offers a broad range of effective and innovative probiotic products for the entire family. Formulated with the highest quality of ingredients from the USA with Designed Release Veggie Capsules that protects probiotics/prebiotics from stomach acid to safely deliver them to the intestines for maximum benefit. Probium® is manufactured by Dietary Pros Inc in Wausau, WI, inspired by innovation with a passion for excellence.



Benefits of Flexatine

• Fast acting
• Targeted release in digestive tract for maximum benefit
• Scientifically backed ingredients
• Shellfish Free
• Drug-Free Natural Formula

Targeted Release

Flexatine®'s exclusive nutrient release system protects ingredients through the stomach and allows them to slowly be released into the small intestine for absorption. This unique method helps to protect sensitive nutrients from powerful stomach acid, and also supports joint support in between dosages for longer lasting results.

Natural Ingredients

Flexatine combines 14 powerful ingredients to provide multi-faceted joint support.