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Professional Strength Flexatine® - Superior formulation for fast results. Each bottle is desiccant lined and includes an oxygen absorber for maximum freshness.
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Bill Pullia on Mar 5th 2018

I have been using Flexatine for about 6 months. I started using it on the advice of a friend. The joints in my fingers would hurt and become inflamed occasionally. Since I have been using Flexatine I have not had any episodes. Now, my wife and my mother have started using Flexatine for their joint flare ups.

My Experience with Flexatine(R)

Allan W. Bernat on Jun 2nd 2017

For me, the key to Flexatine effectiveness is to take two tablets first thing in the morning. Within 30 to 45 minutes my joint aches have dissipated and I simply feel a lot better and feel energized! The two tablets carry through the day and into the evening. Take two first thing. Do not spread out the two - take both at once. I will be monitoring the affect of Flexatine for the arthritis in my hands. So far, very positive affects! Thanks, "Dr. Ron"!